World War III Radio: Homeshake – Pareidolia Catalog (Aug 26, 2022)

“Nearly 4 hours of something that looks like something else…” That’s how it’s described on the actual album cover. What does that mean? You’re going to have to listen. If it didn’t look like a bunch of things that look like other things, it would be easier to explain. The vibe is very, very cool, quiet jazz played in the next room, mixed with ambient, experimental, and just plain weird. But it doesn’t really sound enough like anything else to make a comparison. It sounds a little like a lot of things. You’ll think you’re close to nailing it down, and you’re wrong. It’s fun though. and it fits the overall mood of this morning so far.

You know the word pareidolia even if you only know the idea and haven’t heard the word. It’s that weird phenomenon where you see faces in things that aren’t really faces at all. They’re just maybe laid out or structured like faces. I only learned the word recently, but the phenomenon itself, affects me perhaps more than others. There are faces everywhere. Take that for what it’s worth. I’m always being caught off guard. Call me vain. It always feels like somebody’s watching me, as the song goes.

It was almost a surprise today to wake up with no rain. I don’t remember the last time there were five straight days of it here in New York City. It didn’t bother me at all. It was kind of cool. It lent a sort of Ridley Scott/Bladerunner mood to my fair city. I’d imagine though it would have grown old quickly had it not finally lifted. Even Mother Nature knew it was time for a little sun, which has yet to appear this morning, but I suspect soon.


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