World War III Radio: Dark Cold Synth Wave Post Punk Mix (Dec 2021 Mix)

Just about as many waves as you can add to the mix and they probably could have just left it with Dark Wave. Whether it’s played with guitars or synths doesn’t really seem to matter. It’s about the overall vibe, isn’t it? And “dark” just about aptly describes it. It’s dark. It’s not beach music. It’s not easy listening. It’s not breezy and light. That’s just fine. I’m not breezy and light either. You’ve probably already guessed that if you follow along.

I’m not even sure what’s going on out in the world. Maybe a global peace has been declared. I’d seriously doubt that but I suppose it’s possible. How would I know? I’ve been shut away in my bunker for a couple weeks. First it was a relentless rain. Then it was a relentless… something. I can’t think right now of a fate worse than having to go out and interact with the world. I’m cooked.

I should probably see a doctor but I don’t know if it would be for my body or for my head. Or maybe I need a priest. That’s what it feels like. It might just be relentless doubt. Relentless ebbing of faith in… well, what have I ever had faith in?

I have faith in the cold and dark. I know that when I walk about at 5am it’s still dark with little sign of dawn, and the air has a bite. It does make me feel alive. Then the sun comes up and life slips through my fingers like sand. What’s this about? Did someone or something bite me?

Strange morning. I’m in a strange mood. I’m not going to blame it on the music. This was my choice and not driven by anything external.

I’m riding a dark wave. Being carried along.


00:00 Boy Harsher – Pain 00:07:12 Boy Harsher – Yr Body is Nothing 00:12:14 Void Vision – Sour 00:16:29 Sydney Valette – Précipice 00:19:40 Nuovo Testamento – The Searcher 00:23:34 Undertheskin – End This Summer (Ash Code Remix) 00:28:24 The Frozen Autumn – Is Everything Real 00:35:13 Kaelan Mikla – Næturblóm 00:39:08 Keluar – Vitreum 00:43:00 Hante. – Wild Animal 00:47:07 Minuit Machine – The Earth 00:52:47 Jessica93 – Poison 00:58:20 VR SEX – Dog Complex 01:02:52 Leonora Post Punk – Polvo

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