World War III Radio: Naomi N’Uru – Wurm (Germany 1989, EBM/Electronic) 

I’ve given up trying to explain and describe the music that plays while I go through my day to day. I just try to find something to match what the day feels like, OR, something that slices across the current of any given day and cuts a new path that suits me better. Some shift of direction that might just save my sanity or my life. This is the former. It’s strange and chaotic and just a little aggressive, leaning towards violent.

But it’s got a good beat, Dick, and you can dance to it!

Most of the leaves have dropped off the trees with the rain and wind last night. Temperatures have dropped. Some form of winter weather has returned. It’s still dark outside.

Hello, New York City.

Hello December.

I’m going to skip along across this icy, Germanic, EBM beat. I’m going to try to get some shit down. I’m still working for that big reboot that I need to get my head out a long, deep rut. My tires are stuck in it and I seem to be headed for a low shoulder on the side of the road. Can’t have that.

Can’t have that.

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