World War III Radio: Russian female-vocal Doomer playlist (Mar 1, 2020)

It’s entirely possible that this is a repeat up in here. Who knows at this point? This mix first went up on Youtube right before the world went on pause for disease and various conflicts. It would be easy enough to go back and check but no need really. It still captures whatever vibe it would have at any point over the last nearly three years now. Three years since things went from pretty fucking weird to gonzo weird. Let’s not call the pre-pandemic era normal, okay? We were already pretty much off the fucking rails. Sure, it’s gotten more bizarre but whatever.

Okay, one example of how weird: Donald Trump declared his candidacy for 2024 only a week or so ago. That was no surprise but let’s not call it normal that he was ever in office in the first place and that happened in 2016. So he loses 2020 and is still fighting about it. We all knew he would declare for 2024 despite that he’s a geriatric drug addict and that most people in a private moment would admit that he’s a fucking kook. So he declares and then a week later hosts a dinner party for Kanye West and acclaimed Holocaust-denier and self-professed White Supremacist Nick Fuentes. That would have ended anyone’s viable candidacy for president even ten years ago. Now? Now you get called a conspiracy theorist for questioning it.

We are in a tough spot and my suspicion is that it’s going to get worse. Nevermind that the economy is bad and from all reasonable accounts about to shit the bed entirely.

Hold onto you hats, kids. Yes, it’s strange and getting stranger.

Oh, and Russia is still hinting at nukes.

Fuck this ride, I want to get off.

This is the deal though, and I’m only just starting to see how people in places like Gaza pull off waking up in the morning and acting as if it might be better today, or next week. It’s not that you get used to it being a mess. It manifests in one way or another, and usually in generally poor mental health. It’s just that it all becomes de riguer and bills still have to be paid, so you try to ignore it all and go about the business of paying rent. What other options are there? You just have to get up and act as if…

As if…

It’s weird. You’re not even allowed to respect your feelings and sit and wait for the bombs to start dropping. You have to get up and pretend it could be okay. And maybe it will be!

But probably not.

Hence the doomer mixes.

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