World War III Radio: TWENTY FOUR HOUR WORLD – Self-Titled (Orphanage Records / 1986) 

No pretending. These are troubled times and certain sounds just resonate in accordance with the prevailing vibe, or zeitgeist if you will. I missed Twenty Four Hour World entirely back in 1986 but apparently they already saw all this coming. Or maybe the 80s were worse than I thought but my head was too far up my ass to see it. That’s every bit as likely as me simply missing it back then. I was a goofy idiot running from one cheap thrill to the next and thinking I was free and it was a revolution and all that nonsense. But enough confessions for now. This is about music, right? Or is it about war? I can’t remember. Try the music. Don’t bother reading me. I’m just rambling.

There isn’t a lot of info online about Twenty Four Hour World. It looks like three cassette-only releases across five years and there is no information on who they are or where they come from or where they’ve gone. That’s as much as I got on a quick Google, and I may or may not go back later. Interest wanes for me when it gets beyond the music.

It’s not like the sound is 100 percent unique, but it’s a rare enough vibe for the time. What would it be called? Experimental? Noise? No-wave? There are too many labels to choose from. If someone told me thought that they were from the same scene as Pere Ubu it wouldn’t surprise me. Or any of the downtown 80s acts in New York either. Orphanage Records was a US label. Insert a shrug here. It probably doesn’t matter but they piqued my interest enough that I’d love to know what else they did outside oft this band. Maybe they’re all programmers or real estate salesmen now. Such things happen.

Another five minutes of exploration says Arizona. I guess the Apocalypse is everywhere.


Back to the trenches.

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