World War III Radio: Cryptowar III – Crush The Weak

More from the Crypto Order/Democide Universe, which seems to be as closely aligned with our realities as I’ve found in the last there years. It just is what it is. Oppressive governments. Systems of disinformation, whichever block of information you adhere to because everyone seems to lie at least enough that it casts doubt on everything else they say. What do you do then? There’s too much data flying around to verify and validate all of it, and while I wouldn’t exactly say that I’ve taken the role of a neutral observer, I’ve been pretty despondent these last couple years. Every time I think I’m siding with the good guys they turn around and do something grimy. Less grimy perhaps than the other guys, but grimy enough to be profoundly disappointed. It’s hard to withdraw from the fray altogether, but it’s more tempting weekly. Color me defeated. I’m kind of done with the bullshit and moral posturing. Nobody is innocent anymore.

Once you bend a wire you’ll never get it straight again. Remember that.

What’s left then, as hope is depleted? Comfort the wounded, perhaps. Pass out sandwiches. Smile at people. Perform random acts of kindness. These aren’t questions. They’re all very real suggestions.

Just be kind. You could go at any time so you’d best be careful of how you act because that’s how you’ll be remembered. It would be sad if the last words ever out of your mouth were petty and shitty.

Just be kind. It doesn’t cost anything.

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