In vino veritas, and other lies they tell you about alcohol.

Let’s face it. You can say any stupid shit in Latin and it sounds smarter. It doesn’t in any way make it more true, or false for that matter, but it sounds better. This line here though, is about as stupid and as false it gets.

Firstly, the history: According to Erasmus, or Tacitus, or maybe Pliny the Elder, or one of those toga party alumni of yore, the ancient Persians had a rule for their governing council decisions. If they made a decision sober, they would consider it again while getting hammered. Then if they made the decision first while polluted, they would bandy the decision about while sober.

Hence the complete phrase, In vino veritas, in aqua sanitas, or in wine there is truth and in water there is sanity. Many people either don’t know or simply ignore the second part.

And in halves or as a whole, there is no universal truth to be found.

So shut up.

A person may be more likely to say what’s on their mind when they’re in their cups, but can we have a moment of honesty here? It’s very likely to be a load of bullshit, either a blatant lie or simply some horribly maudlin sentiment, or blast of rank hatred. It’s whatever makes it from the impaired brain to the tongue with the fewest obstacles. It could be very honestly what they feel in that very moment, but there’s a good chance that could change in five minutes.

Sorry, this has very little to do with alcohol and everything to do with adages that need to be entombed and never used again. I’m not a fan of cliches. I find them lazy and dull. They’re a sure sign of an unimaginative person.

I do like that image above though, and I’m pleased with myself for stealing it.

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