Radio Quarantine -Dark Industrial / Cyberpunk / Synthwave Mix | A B S E N C E | Dark Background Music (2020)

Someone reached out to me by e-mail after I’d posted a few of these electronic mixes and we began an exchange about our mutual interest in music. That works for me as that’s really a good part of the reason for maintaining a blog now since 2007. There was a time in that first decade of the 21st Century when personal blogs on any number of topics and issues was a lot more common. The exchange of ideas and art and music and opinions went fast and furious and often the quality of the conversations was really uplifting, if often argumentative. It degenerated as social media platforms grew in popularity and discussion was reduced to angry bits and bytes, and little murder hornets of information and usually misinformation and invective.

This new exchange was interesting though because perhaps I had misrepresented as more of an afficionado of electronic genres than I really am. I’m not even much of a fan of electronics and virtual living and electronic media so much as I am merely an information sponge. It was funny though because at one point he (I’m assuming he but you never know, do you?) suggested that my apartment must be like Micro’s hideout, from The Punisher which is hardly the case.

It just kind of struck me as funny. I’ve been enjoying this exploration into electronic landscaping or soundscaping as the case may be. The internet to me is like a giant set of encyclopedias, and reading from the family collection of Funk & Wagnalls and National Geographic was absolutely my favorite indoor pastime when I was growing up. The internet is all those great volumes and more so it allows so much informative and educational information.

And honestly, every musical choice I make on any given day and in any given moment is about creating a proper sonic landscape to get my head right. These genres I’ve been posting are mostly new to me and they’ve been working, so…

I don’t know why I feel compelled to editorialize. It’s just that it amused me that it’s so much easier online to misrepresent oneself simply with the topics of conversation, even when the blame falls on me. When I geek out on something I go hard.

But… enjoy…

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