Radio Quarantine -Krzysztof Penderecki – Complete Cello Concertos

Are there beaches in Poland? It’s not exactly the place one thinks about when European shore holidays are up for discussion. They are there though, along the Baltic Sea. Who knew? It’s not that beaches are what comes to mind either when you listen to KRZYSZTOF PENDERECKI’S Cello Concertos. They imbue an odd energy though that fits my day so it all works.

First up with the coffee as always, with only a handful of surfers out waiting for surf that may or may not arrive. It’s an oddly still morning and probably best just to go back home and start the day. The Fourth of July is right around the corner with a few days off so there will be plenty of time to ruminate on surfing Poles. And just for the record, KAROL DOES SURF!!! It’s real. If there are waves anywhere, someone will ride them. That’s somehow reassuring.

I’ve become disenchanted with my own COVID-19 updates and will probably refrain from any further discourse until something significant happens here in New York. Things are slowly opening back up while some states are getting hammered for the first time. It would be reckless to say it was through with us here though so I still skirt crowds. But who am I fooling here. I skirt crowds anyway while there is still an excuse. It’s not a question of being anti-social. It’s merely a luxury with an excuse, and it’s not going to last so might as well take advantage while it lasts. I do actually miss a lot of the socializing, incidental and otherwise. It’s happening out there but at the moment it seems a bit forced. People are probably genuinely happy to be out and about more but there is a level of false joy in it, sort of like New Years Eve.

It will be good to see people though when things do lift more. It’s not exactly like I’ve been entirely isolated either. I haven’t exactly been a hermit. It’s just that the circles tightened quite a bit so that’s uncomfortable.

Okay, time to head back in. The sunrise is lovely but the water is still early-season cold. That first splash up the leg of the shorts will make you bounce.

But you’re going to need the music…

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