COVID 19, part 68

There was a time, probably many years ago, that the furrows were a perfect 11. They’re deeper now and they are a perfect 111. It’s not about being more worried for the world. It’s no more a hot mess now than it was twenty years ago. Main difference is that more people see it. I’m not alone in thinking we are all pretty well fucked. That’s new, and frankly it’s sort of a relief.

It’s not that anyone has come up with a plan that we can all agree on though so we are in the same degree of fucked upness now that we always were. Maybe we’ve even got our asses higher in the air in anticipation of getting it all over with quickly. People are stupid. Nobody can agree on a damn thing. That’s what this face is about so remember it so you’ll know what it means when you see it.

That’s the face that asks the question, what exactly the fuck is wrong with you? I must be making it a lot lately because I’ve got a cramp between my eyes.

COVID-19 has, if nothing else, exposed pandemic stupidity. We are besieged by a plague of stupid. Watching the states now who refused abjectly to enact any precautions whatsoever is proof positive that there is no god and that Darwin was right. Or maybe there is a god and he is testing humanity to see just how horrible he has to be for people as a whole to behave intelligently.

I’m looking right the fuck at you, FLORIDA!

Over 15,000 confirmed new cases in one day isn’t a joke, but fuck it, I’m joking anyway. I’m shaking my head in disbelief. And Governor Ron DeSantis, the Hero of the Stupid, still plans on reopening schools in August so parents can get back to not social distancing without their kids, or whatever it is they do to infect so many of each other so quickly.

We’ve had an uptick in new cases here in New York City too, but it’s all the same demographic. It’s younger Millenials and Gen-Z sorts who were busting at the seems to got out to brunch and spend 40 bucks each on a shitty omelet and craft beer brewed to taste like it’s gone off.

I don’t even have the energy to rant. I need to go put ice on my 111.

I will say something though in defense of my tendency for the odd rant, which people don’t love. I am a very patient person in every aspect of my life, with one caveat. If you start by bringing me bullshit, you won’t get patience. The thing is though, my definition of bullshit is very narrow so I’m exceedingly patient with idiosyncrasies and common human afflictions. We’re all adults and adult life has all manner of stresses so annoyances are part of the day to day.

I get it.

Hence I’m patient and to be perfectly fair, people are very patient with me. I’ve been blessed in that respect.

The thing is, patience does run out. We fill each others emotional bank accounts and make withdrawals and deposits as things go and we try to keep a good balance, you know? There is a give and take. The problem is when it’s just give or take. My patience just runs out and then it’s like a switch goes off. The gates come down and the lights go out. I will close an account when it’s overdrawn for too long. It’s a defense mechanism and for better for for worse, once that account is closed, it’s done. It takes an awful lot to get to that point and it stresses me to no end to cut off credit for good, but it stressed me more to be taken for a chump.

Regarding the stupid, I’ve become a really good judge of who not to open an account for. There is zero patience for you. Bye.

Anyway… I don’t even know how I got there. Time for that ice.

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