Radio Quarantine – Hugo Kant: Out of Time (2017)

Man, I’m just no good at calling genres for any type of music. I started on this one because I liked the accompanying artwork, so that’s interesting because that’s how I used to buy new records in the store. It led me to some treasures and to some trash. This one, by French musician HUGO KANT, would go in the former category, not exactly a rare gem but a good listen for sure. People have called his music TRIP HOP, DOWNTEMPO, or NU JAZZ.


I’ll call it space pop or whatnot but I like it. I’ll call it “of note” because he’s doing something interesting enough that I’m looking for more of his music. That’s enough. That’s all that matters.

It’s enough for the morning resurrection. It’s enough, hopefully, for post-meditation and reintegration to this strange Covidian Dystopia we’re all living in right now. I don’t know that I was ready to rejoin it all after three days at the beach but I’ll be back there in a few days to dip out of reality again. These next few days will be a bit harder though as they’ll require closer contact with the outside world, with meetings and training and the like. I need to wrap up taxes after an extension and I need to make appointments for traveling papers and ID.


At some point I’m going to have to settle in to some decision an amends as of yet unmade. Part of the low key tension has been putting off the decision on how best to take care of my unfinished business out there wandering. I did realize last night and this morning that I’ve been willfully avoiding addressing some things. If you’d asked me I would have said that I’ve had no real opportunity for mindful consideration, but… that would be just bullshit. Acknowledging one’s own bullshit can take a person a long way.

There are other decisions to be made but nothing is as pressing at the moment. They are more of the variety that will depend on outside factors, like when this fucking virus decides to bugger off and allow the world to re-open. This isn’t an excuse. It’s very real. The world is pretty much on hold, or at least insofar as my ability to make decisions on where to go next. I’ll have to be ready to leap though when the next window of opportunity presents itself. I’m in a strange, lethargic funk this morning though and the very thought of any decision at all evokes a dull ache along my shoulders and up the back of my neck.

I’m so not ready to re-engage with the world. I am that astronaut on the tether in the above image, looking back down at Earth, where I have been blissfully removed from the fray, and now the return trip is… somehow unthinkable.

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