Radio Quarantine -Tsukimonogatari [Slow Healing Music] Nostalgic Japanese Song that Touch Your Heart

It was not my intent this morning to seek healing music, at least no more than any music conveying any mood is or isn’t healing. This is pretty enough though and the image and music are compelling and lovely.

I’ve been gathering some thoughts on the psychic phenomena surrounding, or maybe embedded in the pandemic experience, both for individual body/minds and the collective body/mind. It makes no sense to separate the body and mind as they exist and move together. I’ve spoken of this before in terms of The Matrix, or The Simulation. There has long been a glitch where the narrative has been crumbling and the world has gone quite mad. Deprived of the security of what we believed to be true, both of ourselves and of the world, we’ve found ourselves in both spiritual and existential crises. What we believed to be real and true has been called into question. We talk of “getting back to normal” or “the new normal,” and in both cases we are probably speaking of old illusion vs. finding a new illusion as close to the former one as possible.

I’ve been reading and listening to podcasts framing the pandemic experience as a psychedelic phenomenon, not unlike that that might be induced by an outside substance. That substance in this case, or catalyst, would be COVID-19. It’s disrupted the usual flow and existing sub-conscious or semi-conscious events have been amplified. What we see in the forefront now is not what we are used to seeing. It can be illuminating or terrifying or both. It’s a trip, in the psychedelic sense of the word trip, and it impacts the body, mind and spirit. That’s not necessarily a bad thing either. Everything I’ve been speaking of hints at tripping or illusion but the new vocabulary of recent days seems to be a better description.

Narrative collapse —–>>> Terror

I’ll get more into it later on when I gather my thoughts and read more. For now, the music:

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