Radio Quarantine – Singularity – Synthwave, Retrowave, Chillwave Mix

There’s something about waking up on a cool, rainy morning, especially after a summer heatwave. It’s as if the world itself exhales and tells you, “You do you. I’m going to do me today. Don’t trouble yourself with… things.” No bothers. Nothing pressing. No rush to get anywhere. None of that really needs a soundtrack, but should anyone feel so compelled, this works. It’s funny that Youtube has become my greatest source for both solace and inspiration over these last five months, or nearly five. It’s the endless rabbit hole of sounds and images. If you can conceive of something, search for it, and it’s almost always there waiting. There are rare occasions where the nearest match is better than anything you may have conjured. It’s an exercise in the power of numbers. With over six billion people traversing the globe, one is bound to find something to fascinate and often hypnotize.

Most days I would prefer to be out wandering but mobility being limited, the physical world has gotten very small, and the internet is for all intents and purposes, limitless and entirely without boundaries. Again, if you can think of it, search it and it will most likely be there. I’ve always believed my own imagination to be boundless, but every border in my brain can be shattered, and on a daily basis. It often brings me to a sensation of being…


There are still concerns in the physical world that must be attended to, but there is no big rush: dry cleaning, laundry, groceries, license renewal, passport renewal… and I should probably be tested for this COVID-19 thing. The chances of my being exposed are probably less than most, my having isolated and quarantined an awful lot more than most people who aren’t shut in by age or infirmity. Still, there are those in my world, if not immediate circles, who’ve come up positive in recent weeks and a couple symptomatic, so it’s not a bad idea to get out and do that. Redacting immediate circles as there are no circles. My social life has been limited to occasional pairings. No circles, but just two dots on the map. One here and one there roughly six feet away.

Earthly concerns though that have no real gravity this morning. I’m going to ride out this space walk and watch the world from afar. I’m going to think about the bliss of my morning walk with the so, so light rain like cold needles on the back of my neck and my bare arms. I’m going to let the music play out and then drift off again with the sound of wet tires hissing on the road outside. Low rumble of the engine and shhhhhhhhssssssss.

I’m going to lie here for a while and do absolutely…




  • 00:00 Captain Forever – HOME
  • 03:07 Cloud 9 – ALPHABOT
  • 07:57 Sunset Blvd – Lucy In Disguise
  • 12:21 Artifact of the Future – Glamour Shots
  • 16:35 Cool Breeze – Lazerhawk
  • 20:59 Revenant – Sub Morphine
  • 25:20 Memory Drive – Caspro
  • 28:52 Cyber Doll – oDDling
  • 32:15 A Dystopian Fixation – SelloRekT/LA Dreams
  • 37:11 Nostalgia – ANGELUX波
  • 41:04 Shoreline – Sub Morphine
  • 45:27 Miami Nice Part 1 (Tonebox Remix) – Lifelike & Tonebox
  • 50:22 Sleep – HOME

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