Radio Quarantine -Michael Arthur Holloway – Guilt Noir

Despite the horror of the image, the music isn’t all that dark nor sinister. It’s a mood for sure, and perfect for a rainy day. It hasn’t let up and rather than making me feel confined, it’s liberation. No place to go and no place to run, but nothing to run from. My bed just isn’t all that frightening, for all the sweeping expanse of desert emptiness. (That is tongue in cheek, ya goons!)

So more dark jazz/doom jazz/jazz noir, whatever you feel like calling it. It could just as easy go under ambient or even post-rock. There are too many nuances maybe, to each genre, to distinguish one from the other. I don’t care. It just is what it is. Give me a floating synth keyboard and a haunting, slow sax solo. Who needs anything else.

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