COVID-19, part 73

Were this a pop quiz here, my friend would get a D- for sure. Not quite an F because he does have a mask and his major hole is covered, but… staying alive and healthy must be wearisome. Thinking about it is tiring enough. Writing about it has become boring. Hence you’re seeing maybe one entry per week from me. My focus has been on things there is some control over, like my mental/emotional state. No worries there.

This struck me as funny though. Homeboy with the overhang on the mask was the third person to occupy that seat, between Barclay Center and 125th Street in Harlem. He was the third person to ignore precautions. One had no mask at all. Another down the way, utterly maskless and somewhat mad, sang at the top of his lungs. If there were only a way to post audio from this app, I did record some. He wasn’t exactly talented.

And then there was my friend here on the way home… SUPERFUNLAND.

That’s all I’ve got. It’s a strange world out there. Even a bit more than 6 months ago.


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