Radio Quarantine -side streets. [lofi / jazz hop / chill beats]

2019 Youtube Mix by Jazz Hop Cafe

Saturday morning and no place specific to go, but the itchy heels are there so we’ll probably do a wander… a walkabout. The few remaining shores can wait until the itch gets scratched. The sounds here are not only side streets but side streets in the early morning hours with nobody out but the people who are just coming home. The night workers and the sex workers and the walk of shamers and the early morning cigarette smokers and dog walkers… the girl took a slow walk with me this morning and is back in bed sleeping. There is no real reason to be up, but I am because that’s what I do. I’m the one that needs the time when it’s still quiet. Naps are easy enough if gas runs low later.

We’ll do that walkabout and maybe hit a noodle shop and not talk about anything at all it’s pretty certain. What’s to talk about anyway? Late summer isn’t the time for days of deep thoughts and confessions and plans. It’s just a low rolling tide and you ride it into September and see what comes then. There is nothing at all that needs saying today, nor tomorrow and probably the next day. Just roll with it.

Uptown was crazy yesterday. Not a good vibe up there at all. The crowd would have suggested that there was no pandemic at all. Hustlers standing in clusters talking loudly with both their hands and mouths with their masks down. Dopefiends with collapsed faces arguing wildly outside the check-cashing spot on 125th and Lenox. There was more sanity up in Washington Heights. Just joggers and old men on benches along St. Nicholas Avenue. Kind of sad, but beautiful and chilled. They probably weren’t thinking about 125th Street. I’m already forgetting about it. It’s like a faint echo less than a full 24 later. I don’t even know if it was a crazier scene than usual for that spot, or if it’s just been so peaceful back here on Ocean Parkway that it was more jarring. It doesn’t matter. It’s going, going… and almost gone.

I don’t know. It’s quiet. Laundry can wait. Grocery shopping can wait. Life can wait. Only one kind of sweating to be doing in late summer in New York City, and that’s just going to happen. You can’t stop the weather.

I’m in a zone. It’s a perfect morning and I almost wish it were raining. It’s the only thing that would make it better. I do love the rain so much.


  • 1 00:04 lofty – in my head (ft. ayeon)
  • 02 01:20 Letskey – Delicate
  • 03 03:56 imfinenow – Bright Night
  • 04 07:00 lofty – caught feelings
  • 05 08:58 leafbreeze – Loving You
  • 06 11:56 Elijah Nang – Icarus
  • 07 13:48 s. lyre – another log on the fire
  • 08 16:06 Bamf & GentleBeatz – Peaceful Loneliness
  • 09 18:04 imfinenow – You And I *
  • 10 20:28 clay – at the café
  • 11 23:10 biosphere – aria for our dreams
  • 12 24:56 BENJAMIN:KEY – Singing In The Rain
  • 13 27:04 bace – i can’t
  • 14 30:56 Jordy Chandra – Coffee Evening
  • 15 33:16 Rysid – Rainy Sunday

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