Radio Quarantine – Crypto Order:Buy Your Own Chains In The Slavery System

Released May 2020

“Fear is its currency of control…”

An era as manic and schizoid as this one needs a soundtrack and this may be it. Maybe that’s what it’s all been about, this exploration of new sounds these last five months. Looking for something that describes it. Words aren’t necessary. Words are often bullshit anyway but that doesn’t mean you can’t describe something in a canvas of sound. CRYPTO ORDER, an act from Italy I believe, might just be the perfect fit, or at least more than anything else I’ve bounced to this year.

I remember the crazy man that came darting up to me in the all night diner that time nearly forty years ago. “Can you hear the machine, man? Can you hear the machine?” Well, I thought I did then but if not then I sure hear it now!

These tracks are fucking bangers. I don’t even know how to describe them. They’re beyond techno or minimal techno. They’re kind of scary. They are 2020 set to beats, for sure. Even my dog is confused and she’s been put through a lot with strange sounds. But I’m leaving it to the music again for now. Something big is afoot and I don’t know what it is. I’m struggling to get it in order. So just the music for now.


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