Radio Quarantine – Aus: s/t (2020)

Who ya afraid of, Tommy? Zee Germans?

It’s hard to find any information on this group/band/person/robot. It’s a German release by an artist/group known as AUS. That’s about it, or all that turned up in a short Google search. More post-punk, electronica for a dark morning. The days are already shorter now, so… Anyway, these are the search tags on Bandcamp: experimental punk allee der kosmonauten post-punk wave Berlin It’s a 2020 release right out of the mid to late 80s. Maybe I need to move to Europe. The only other Youtube search that turned up was a mention of a chillwave label from Tokyo. Not the same. I want more than this EP but it’s not happening. Not today

It’s a weird morning. There’s so much going on in the world and no small number of concerns personally. So this is further soundtrack for not a dystopian future, but the dystopian present. In the last couple days alone, yet another video of a young man being shot in the back by police, and further video of armed white supremacists hunting protesters. I’m doing it all an injustice embedding any commentary beneath music commentary. The fact is, it’s overwhelming at the moment and it certainly contributes to the fug mental state right now. I’ve been in kind of a bubble these last few months, really only attending to my health, mostly mental but otherwise. I’ve been holding the outside world at arm’s length but of course that doesn’t work but for so long.

The chickens have come home to roost out there. Someone asked me last night, or rather alluded to a potential race war to extract my thoughts. I really have no answer to that. Maybe? Probably? I don’t have an answer but my suspicion is that we’re going to witness some shit that none of us have any point of historical reference for. It’s going to be ugly. That’s what happens when toxic garbage is left to fester. Sooner or later it infects everything.

We… Americans… are very sick right now. That’s all I’ve got to say on the matter. The darkness in the music resonates deep in me. These are dark times. The words aren’t even coming smoothly or evenly now. It feels like my head is about to glitch out actually. The wires are sizzling. So again, I’m just sticking to the music until I sort out a path forward.


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