Radio Quarantine -90’s Underground Hip Hop – Rare Tracks (France)

This is the compilation I’ve been looking for. Not so much the specific tracks, but the era and the vibe. Of all the non-U.S. rap/hip-hop I’ve heard, the French do it the best, or at least they did at one time. The whole vibe/mood of the film, La Haine, from which the above image was captured, was in the soundtrack, MC Solaar and others.

So going back to the very last post, I’ve got a really bad feeling about the next 12 months. This year is priming the shot. It might just be the election that sets it off. That’s a hard call, but if we think the Trump administration was bold and horrible so far, then a lame duck Trump is going to be off the fucking wall. Keep your powder dry, kids, and your heads down. It’s going to get weird.

Again, no predictions on the how or what, but I know for shit sure it’s going to be violent. Call me a Doomsday Prophet. Call me a kook.

i’m right, though. Trust me on this one.

For now, the tracklist:

  • 0:00 Accord Parfait – 100% Hip Hop (France) 04:27 Time Bomb All Starz – Explose (France) 10:03 Ex Nihilo – Requiem Pour Un Tueur Psychopathe (France) 15:31 Sléo – La Mèche Se Consume (France) 19:05 Big Shot – La Case Des 27 S (Belgium) 24:22 Lyrico Musikal – Original Classique (Switzerland) 28:48 Leader Vocal – Bal Masqué (France) 32:37 M-Group – Entre Dans La Secte (France) 36:47 Gang Du Lyonnais – Hip Hop Philosophie (France) 41:23 Tténor – FN FN (France) 45:55 Bonus Track

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