Radio Quarantine -Russian Doomer Music playlist vol.1

These compilations simply blow me away, in a mellow, easy way, but I’m blown away nonetheless. No idea at all what they’re singing about. It’s just a mood. Who’s complaining?

I don’t quite fit the doomer profile. I barely fit the boomer profile. Call me a Baby Doomer.

I’m a long-game player when it comes on my outlook for the future of the world. There’s so much wrong with everything but we’re so deep in it that it will take a collapse to put us in a position to rebuild the right way. Even then, my guess is that everyone will be looking to create the most reasonable facsimile of the past, rather than create any Utopian vision of the future. It’s strange to me how many people speak of some bygone age when everything was okay, but few people agree on exactly when it was or what it looked like.

It’s like the people declaring that New York City is finally dead and gone this time. Their ideas of what has been lost are relative only to some period of time when they themselves were happiest. The truth is the only bubble thats burst is their own. They’re mourning something from their imagination that they can’t connect with anymore. Certainly things change. Nothing ever remains the same after all. Not here. Not anywhere.

The past only ever exists in one’s imagination. Some of that imaginative energy needs to be focused on some new future. Any new future will do but it gives me no comfort to think some part of my life can be recreated. That’s the ugliest doom philosophy or outlook that I can conjure. Best to keep it moving. You can’t feel renewed wearing old clothes, ya know?

But we have a whole political party and their constituency complaining that we need to return to some idyllic time way back when… but nobody can say when that was.

Anyway… Yes, things as we knew them may be over for good. No, that’s not necessarily a bad thing at all.

But the playlist:

  • 00:00 Кино – Спокойная ночь (Calm Night)
  • 06:22 Ssshhhiiittt! – самый грустный (the saddest)
  • 10:15 Ssshhhiiittt!- Больше нет (No more)
  • 14:40 Кино – Пачка сигарет (A pack of cigarettes)
  • 19:06 Михаил Боярский – Зеленоглазое такси (Green-eyed taxi)
  • 23:50 Кино – Кончится лето (Summer is over)
  • 29:44 vox – возвращайся (come back)

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