Radio Quarantine -Rainy Days In Tokyo

Lofi Hip Hop / Jazzhop / Chillhop Mix on Youtube by Amplitude (2017)

Or a rainy day in New York City, as it were. It’s the first proper autumn weather day, never breaking 60 and the rain never entirely letting up so far. My old dog doesn’t care one way or the other and the same goes for me. It’s a mood. It’s a vibe. We are feeling it. There is nobody out that doesn’t need to be out. That’s people going to and from work or school, or the store, or walking a dog that really needs to be walked. There is no leisure strolling. Social distancing is easy. There’s no one out to be social with. There isn’t even much hanging out, driving around car traffic. The zoom boys aren’t out making their rides pop.

Give me a few more of these days.

I”m content. Not quite happy, but content. You can’t really ask for more. I ground through about 9 hours of work with very little in the way of breaks, with Gary Numan playing most of the day. I found this mix early this morning but didn’t get around to it until now, or rather I saved it for kicking back and that’s exactly where I am now. Just kicking back with a cup of coffee and no plans for the evening except for more of the same.

Long sigh…

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