Radio Quarantine – She Past Away: Belirdi Gece

2012 release – Remoov/Fabrika Records

Borders have never really applied to music and art. What are borders anyway? Imaginary lines that contain local laws set by local mythology whether the mythology be religious or cultural ideas about what people should or shouldn’t be doing. Blah… Borders and ideas are porous and absorbent. Then again, I’ve never been to Turkey so why shouldn’t I find post-punk/darkwave etc. there? We hear they’re not as open a society as we are, but we’re not so open either, are we? This band, SHE PAST AWAY could have happened anywhere. It just so happened they happened in Turkey, about thirty years after one might have expected this sound to happen anywhere. The whole gothic vibe has never stopped resonating. Anyway, my point was that I didn’t expect this from Turkey. No reason not to, I just… Well… It’s Bauhaus. It’s Sisters of Mercy. It’s dark.

Maybe it will stop raining today. Maybe it won’t. I’d almost prefer that it didn’t. It was a blissfully quiet night under the covers with the windows wide open. Not a lot of traffic outside. Just the occasional hissing wheels rounding the corner from the Prospect Expressway onto Ocean Parkway. Give me as much of this as you’ve got. I’m not bothered. It won’t keep me inside.

Still waiting for the opportunity to get away for a bit. It shouldn’t be put off too long no matter what else is happening out there. I may not get the chance later on. There are some medical things to attend to, not exactly urgent but they will take some time and who knows what the recovery will look like? No, it shouldn’t be put off too much longer. Maybe a few days at the end of this week. It doesn’t even matter where and it’s limited anyway. I won’t be getting on a plane and headed out for Turkey. We’ll see.

Anyway… the responsibilities of the day call.

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