Radio Quarantine -Der Puppenspieler 2

2018 Dark Techno Set from Wat Stoni Mohoni

The daily vibe… Not much to say. The rain let up at some point in the wee hours, maybe 3 or 4. It kept things quiet all day yesterday, and that’s not a complaint. I have absolutely nothing to say today and I don’t even know why I’m writing, except maybe to say that I’m still here. Still alive.

I’m looking at the image tacked to the video. Knuckle tattoos are funny. You can become more known for knuckle tattoos than any other ink you have injected into your flesh. They’re like a mission statement that may or may not apply a week after you have it done. You become a vehickle for your knuckle tattoos and maybe you lose some sense of identity when you get them, or perhaps a future identity.


I guess if that’s what you’re about, or maybe it’s an entreaty to the tattoo gods or the forces of The Universe. Love and hope, please?


Maybe, maybe not.

My requests are a lot more simple. Or at least the ones I admit to are. I have no requests today, really. I take for granted that most would be met anyway. A hot shower. Strong coffee. Some semblance of emotional and spiritual peace.

Some semblance. I’ll accept close to… if that’s not asking too much.

Moving on now…

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