Radio Quarantine – The Soft Moon s/t


Someone in the video comments said it best. This is what happens when Industrial, Dark Wave and Shoegaze have a baby. You just don’t know who the parent is. I’m growing more comfortable with the Cold Wave label. It covers just about everything. This one is a killer match for a chilly, gray autumn day, and that’s what’s happening right now.

An uneventful day in all, despite the Trump Car Parade tooling up Ocean Parkway with their banners and horns. The number of pickup trucks suggests Long Islanders mostly. You just don’t see that many trucks in Brooklyn… and oddly I have really nothing to say about it. Let them do their thing. It’s not like nobody knows they exist. It shouldn’t be a surprise that people vote for racism or nationalism or whatever.


I’m tired. I’m a few episodes into a Russian plague series called To The Lake. More on this later but it’s actually quite good. A reviewer called it glum and humorless but I’m going to have to disagree on that. There is humor but it’s just very dark humor. I don’t expect everyone to laugh. Anyway… more on this another time. The Soft Moon though… the brainchild of a Bay Area brain. I would have guessed Germany, but there you have it. The world is very small and people can take their inspiration from anywhere.

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