Radio Quarantine -Paula Temple at Katharsis 2019

The techno/hardcore techno/minimal techno scene is almost alien to me. I’ve had more exposure in quarantine than in the prior ten years. It seems now to have been conscious avoidance but just why is anyone’s guess. Had I known PAULA TEMPLE and performances like this existed it may have been a different story altogether. This is glorious madness. It’s somehow perfect for the world as it is right now. I’m floored. I’m dancefloored, if you will. What once seemed alien is now very real.

It’s Friday again and another work week has disappeared. What has seemed in the moment as tedious and endless is now the past. One more day, to start in a short while, and that’s another one down. I haven’t wished the time away. It just vaporized and vanished. Strange how these days do that when you haven’t been more than 100 yards from your own front door. Rain or snow it’s going to take a switch up to slow down time. We’ll see what the weekend brings, but something is needed to slow the march of time.

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