Radio Quarantine -Yugoslav Darkwave, Gothic Rock & New Wave from the 80s

Good morning on another chilly, snow-flurried January morning, with a soundtrack from the Balkans of decades ago. It’s inauguration day here in America and I’m thinking that we may want to borrow more than music from that region. We may want to turn to them for lessons on how to move forward with a resolution for unification and peace. Certainly the former Yugoslavia had to overcome a lot more than we have going on now, but if we don’t attend to our divide, we could ostensibly end up there. Roll your eyes all you like, but it’s not unreasonable that it could happen. It’s obvious now, unless you’re an imbecile, that it’s all been more than rhetoric for a lot of people. I don’t have the answers at the moment. I can’t even let go of my own anger yet, but I do have music and that’s going to have to do for this morning.

It’s disturbing in a kind of low-key industrial sized hum that my two weeks of “rest” weren’t as restful as I needed. There is just too much going on at the moment to be entirely at ease with 2021. There are more obstacles ahead than I care to think about. My inclination is mostly to escape, but there isn’t really any place to go. The peace required is somewhere within. The tools are all there to find acceptance and resolve but the energy is in short supply. The Crocodiles gave me everything needed to get through. It’s interesting though to still have to come to terms 11 years on with the thought that absolutely everything is ODAAT. One day at a time. Everything is life on life’s terms so that ODAAT business is about a lot more than not going for the fastest exit. It is about everything, and…

Everything is everything.

Get up and move. Tend to what needs to be tended to. Take another inventory tonight to see what remains and add that to the list tomorrow morning.

Get up and move.

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