Radio Quarantine -DIE IN THE DISCO #7: Ebm, Dark Techno, New beat, Dark Disco, Synth Pop, Space synth.

So far from what you may have heard on deck at my place twenty years ago, but there’s nothing not to love in these mixes. Seems perfect for beating about the house awaiting the next winter storm to drop. I can’t be the only adult that looks forward to things turning a bit… messy… chaotic… Maybe Im just immature.

Just maybe.

It’s not that I was ever really what you could call a club kid, but there are times when I do miss clubs particularly the punk and goth clubs. There was a certain dark pageantry. It was theater, not in a phony sense as everyone knew it was theater. There was a shared energy in the knowledge that we could do whatever the fuck we wanted because everything outside was/is theater also.

There were moments in those wee hours when it felt like time stood still but the music and dance continued. You walked into a club at midnight or after and spent an eternity there but when you left at dawn only a few hours had passed. It was more than the drugs. Way more than the drugs, so don’t dismiss it. It was what freedom feels like. This is why the dervish spins.

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