Museo de la Cuarentena – Alison Flora

These needed to be revisited. I’ve seen ALISON FLORA describe her style as ART BRUT which is often used to describe art outside of classical or academic tradition but the term can be used with some derision as well and doesn’t serve the sophistication that is often warranted. I first experienced blood painting (and sculpture) at an exhibit of the Charles Saatchi collection at the Brooklyn Museum years ago, and was moved beyond what I had words for. There was an animal familiarity with the color before I knew the medium. A critique/review I read later intimated that it was done as much for shock as for its inherent color and quality, but I’m going to disagree absolutely with that notion. The pigment, to me, brings the art to life in a way that can’t be imitated any other way. It makes the images very real and thus more impactful. It makes it more than just a representation of an object. It is an embodiment of us. Of course there are the religious implications but even those come from the same place, beyond religion into the spiritual.

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