Radio Quarantine -PC World – Order (She Lost Kontrol Records 2021)

released yesterday and posted by Harakiri Diat

Harakiri Diat has become one of the most reliable sources of new music online, for me anyway. It’s not that I always love what he/she posts up, but it’s a sure bet that it’s off the very tired beaten track. This one can be filed in my Soundtrack For the Apocalypse folder. It’s not pretty at all. These aren’t cheery pop ditties. This is made for 2021 with anything and everything that means to you, provided you’re not into escapism. This is to navigate and punch through now.

And there’s not a lot to say at the moment. It’s the middle of a busy enough work day, but I’ll be damned if that image doesn’t look like Charles Manson. What’s wrong with me that I know that? Or maybe I’m deluded?

Just as an aside now, later on, I’ve had Order on repeat all evening. Damn! It’s a monster.

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