Some days you take the vibe that comes at you, and other days require something more specific and this is one of those days. It had to be FILMMAKER though it’s hard to say exactly why. It’s just the prevailing mood. It’s not just about my mood. Some days bring the mood with them. Hello, Wednesday. What’s it going to be today? You seem to have something on your mind.

This is from a “live” DJ set that Filmmaker did last may, early on in the quarantine. The death toll was the top of every single news line-up and its weird now almost a year on that we hardly talk about it. The US is pushing a half million and it’s not the headline in any feed. I don’t even know what to say about that. We’ve grown… immune? We’ve developed a herd immunity not to the virus itself but to the news of the virus. If that’s not irony then I don’t know what is. Or maybe we’ve lapsed into a certain mental illness. It’s not that the fear isn’t manifesting in other ways. The psychic crisis is definitely in full swing. It’s just that we’ll discuss it in any other context than the virus.

So maybe that’s the mood. Maybe that’s what the morning has brought with it. Just plain anxiety. No sense in smoothing it over with escapist pop, when you can go deep into the heart of it. This set pretty much describes it. It was more than appropriate for May of 2020 and it’s just as relevant this morning. Have at it.

I’m still trying to figure out this morning who sent me a little personalized diary/journal that came a couple nights ago via mail from England. It’s a simple design and says on the cover:


It’s a sweet gesture but I’ve no clue where it comes from. Maybe somebody is reading these pages, or has read my mind and decided an inspirational message is in order. The thought is definitely appreciated. I’m okay but it’s nice to know that someone is out there and cares enough to make the gesture. These small acts are in very short supply. I do believe that many of us take each other for granted. We’re not always going to be around, and if there is one thing that none of us will develop and immunity to it’s time. None of us escape time and time itself is limited. So whomever you may be, thank you. I’m doing okay, but things like this will help keep me okay for now. I’ve said several times through the current climate of pandemic and social unrest that this has probably been easier for me than it has for a lot of people, simply because I put fewer expectations on The Universe than many. The words “should be” appear less in my vocabulary than they do with many people, and hence there is less disappointment and grief. You can feel a sense of loss for something that was never there, or you can and people do, but my perspective is different. So I say this, and it’s true that it’s been easier for me than some, but that isn’t to say that it’s been easy. I require the same kindness as anyone else. I just don’t expect it, so when it comes maybe it’s even more uplifting.

That said, I’m going to take some time today to do something I did early on in the pandemic. I’m going to hit Amazon and make some similar gesture in kind, and randomly. People should get more in the mail than things they’ve bought for themselves to ease lockdown tension, or bills. It doesn’t take much to make someone smile, soo…

But here we go… another day upon us. Time to address it.

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