Radio Quarantine -Maenad Veyl – Body Count (2019)

“a gruesome body breaking/defying album forces you to recognize what you are.”

Okay, maybe. I know it took a bit this morning to find the groove. There were sounds that were pleasant enough but didn’t capture the vibe. I told you. Some days have a vibe and those days demand something a little more specific than most sounds I may stumble upon. This is one of those days and this is what works.

“Veteran producer Thomas Feriero graces us with his first album in years and his debut LP as Maenad Veyl. Hosted inside a sleeve designed with Tomaso Lisca are twelve tracks made of the same contained abrasion we fell for on his EPs for Death & Leisure, Veyl and Pinkman. A full-on workout devoid of fillers, ambient interludes and other mindless garbage, ‘Body Count’ is as relentless as the name suggests.”

Now, that’s hype language for sure, but this is dark, hard relentless. That’s what its going to take. It’s not exactly what most people think of when they conjure Milan, but any city has a lot more to it than the tourist manuals dish out. Thank whomever for that. I’d hate to live in the New York City of tourism guides.

The person that posted this up on Youtube said it was the best “mis-click” they’d encountered. this wasn’t a mis-click for me. It was the artwork that brought me. Had this been easy-listening it would have been a hell of a surprise. It’s nice to see that artists can still communicate across their respective media. Album art, while it can’t really be conceived of as a dying art, has largely taken a back seat with so much music being downloaded. That seems a tragedy to me. It used to be every damn thing. C’est la vie.

I could carry on here about where my head is at going into a long weekend, but the music can speak for me. This is where my head is at. It’s pulsing, grinding, churning… bleeding maybe. That might mis-represent. It’s not necessarily a bad mood. It’s just busy.

Go away. I’m busy.

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