Radio Quarantine -Gettin’ Sick – That One Endless Night With Two Incarnations Of The Legendary Gettin’ Sick (2019)

2019 Youtube posting from Harakiri Diat

This one kind of takes me ‘off piste’ for this morning. My love affair with with rockabilly and psychobilly goes so far back though that it may actually be genetic memory. Early Elvis, Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent… they were all there early on and always resonated. It’s always bubbled just underneath the surface. GETTIN’ SICK, however, is brand new to me. This is another one that appealed initially because it was posted by Harakiri Diat and absolutely the cover art, and it’s no disappointment. It’s not that you can always tell from the artwork what’s going to happen when the needle drops, but this one is exactly what you’d expect. Its psychobiilly at its most psycho. It’s strange and it’s noisy and almost next level into the genre with more post-punk elements and goth and darkwave… and a little thrash. Well done, boys. This is a fucking holy terror.

And the color scheme is perfect for Valentine’s Day, isn’t it?

It’s Marlon Brando circa The Wild One riding headlong on Valentine’s Day into The Zombie Apocalypse Now… the horror… the horror. And just for the record, it’s hard to tell what’s going on in Eastern Europe, but the Germans and Russians seem to be engaged in an eternal struggle over who is the darkest of the dark. From the sounds of this, Moscow is winning.

I’m like Switzerland. I’m fucking neutral. This isn’t my fight, though I may be rightfully accused of leaning hard into the dark side of pretty much anything. There isn’t a lot of Beach Boys or Flower Power or Walking On Sunshine stuff spinning at my crib. My latest Japanese Shoegaze binging lightens it a bit, but not much and what do you want from me anyway? We’re in the middle of a pandemic and a socio-political, existential crisis. I don’t feel particularly light. I still maintain that I’m neutral. As horrible as everything looks from pretty much any angle currently, I’m still sitting back with some degree of bemused detachment. None of this shit is a surprise.

More winter weather coming in but I do want to get as much time as possible outside over the Presidents Day Weekend. So… that in mind… ciao for now.

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