Radio Quarantine -Odyssey: The Ultimate Trip 1977 – Soundtrack

You just know a movie was truly the ultimate trip when the first comment from the Youtube post is, “Awesome find!!! Do you happen to know what music was playing in the leather orgy scene in ‘The End?” You used to see movie posters like this one (and more graphic) up and down 42nd Street in Manhattan. Not so much anymore. Some store fronts on the side streets maybe, but even that. You don’t see movie posters around Times Square anymore unless it’s Disney Pixar, and they don’t have soundtracks like this. This one is various artists and it’s ‘holy shit’ good.

It’s a good distraction though from the feels. The feels come in hard when the head goes south. I’m standing now right on the brink of another bout of headaches, hoping to hold it off and get some work done. The music gives me something external to focus on. I’d love to know who some of these cats are. The orchestras are tight as hell and some of the instrumentalists are world class. It’s a solid mix of pop, jazz, funk, afro-cuban beats and rock. Just delicious stuff! What is it the kids say? I fux wit diss. It’s just too bad so much of it was wasted on mediocre movies with crazy leather orgies.

That’s the entry for now. It doesn’t need my personal blathering.

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