2020 YouTube Mix from pilka diskoteka

A couple different translations of purvina izoliacija: One is insulation dust.. The other is isolation dust. Either makes sense. Set and preserved by the dust of time. Under the dust of time the sounds are old and new at the same time. It exists as an echo and a brand new tone now.

A chilly rainy morning is the same anywhere in the world at any point in time. These mornings have their own energy and they set the pace and the tone for anything else happening. They underscore any narrative. They write themselves into any story whether you intended them to be there or not. Nobody is stopping the rain. The sun will not appear simply because you wish for it.

I’m not wishing for the sun. I’m not thanking the rain. I’m simply accepting this morning as it is. It doesn’t pay to trouble oneself about the weather, unless you’re a farmer or a fisherman. I’m neither of those, so its all good.

I’m off now for a few days at least to take care of some things. The time off was planned but it was difficult to engage with this week anyway. It was in one place and my head was in some undetermined locale. Point A and Point B were not connected anyway so a reset is in order. It’s not a depression by any stretch of the word. It’s more of a wanderlust again. The soles of my feet are itching, and there’s still no real place to go. Travel is still restricted. I get my first Covid-19 vaccine today. Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson… I believe it’s one of the first two but it doesn’t matter to me. At this point it’s more of a social responsibility, like any other vaccine for a communicable disease. It’s like the masks and hand sanitizer. Just do it. Hopefully some of the restrictions will loosen soon and it will be a bit easier to move. This stone hasn’t rolled in a bit and is gathering moss, if you get my drift.




Move forward, Time seems to move more slowly if one is moving in the same direction as well. Just a matter of perception. Without movement a person is just sitting around waiting to die. With musical accompaniment:

00:00 Bitcevsky park – Темно и страшно (Novosibirsk, Russia) 02:53 1981 – Дерево (Moscow, Russia) 07:00 Nedorosl – Прости (St. Petersburg, Russia) 10:00 Перемотка – Очнись (Yekaterinburg, Russia) 14:20 BLAZH – Трюмы кораблей (St. Petersburg, Russia) 18:36 GSPD – 1984 (Nizhny Tagil, Russia) 23:15 Где Фантом? – Я тебя люблю (Ufa, Russia) 26:32 Группа Хмурый – Полуночный герой (Moscow, Russia) 30:26 Черниковская Хата – Ночное Рандеву (Ufa, Russia) 33:51 Мать Тереза – Выбор (Michurinsk, Russia) 38:24 Черная речка – Лодка (Kirov/Saint Peterburg, Russia) 41:55 ОБРАЗ – Странный рассказ (Moscow, Russia) 44:57 Проспект Шмидта – Там где хорошо (Mogilev, Belarus) 47:11 Англия – Если завтра станет лучше (Kazan, Russia) 50:52 Дурной Вкус – пластинки (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia) 53:52 Группа Хмурый – Полуночный герой (Moscow, Russia) 57:46 Дайте танк (!) – Романс (Kolomna, Russia)

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