Radio Quarantine -Darkwood Dub – Elektro Pionir [1999]

Elekro Pionir wasn’t next in line for DARKWOOD DUB, chronologically speaking. There was another before this, but this one is more interesting musically, and who doesn’t love a graphic of a child licking battery terminals? Clever stuff, and speaks volumes for the quirkiness of the music (all releases) so far. There’s a little bit of everything mixed in here again, rock, punk, funk, hiphop, R&B, jazz, prog, reggae, dub etc. It all fits though and that’s all that really matters.

Rain still coming down, I got some groceries and applauded my effort getting that done and went back to bed to read and listen to music… and the rain… It’s nice. Happy Sunday, fuckers! I’m going to regret it tomorrow if everything else is left undone but the energy just isn’t with me. I don’t feel the power of the force flowing through me. Not even a bit of the dark side. Oh well.

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