Radio Quarantine -Gagarin – Sovietwave Mix (April 12, 2021 from NewSovietWave

The Yuri Gagarin graphic alone would have gotten me to click on this one. It isn’t the case this time that the graphic design is better than the music, but it does go that way from time to time. Countless records have come home with me simply because the cover jumped out of the bin at me. There were pleasant surprises. There were occasional thrills. There were others. Oh yes, there were other. No worries with this one though. You’re not going to love it if you’re not into Sovietwave, but thats not my problem.

The truth is, Sovietwave surprised me. So… well, whatever.

The day didn’t turn out as dreary as it felt at 7 this morning. Much gratitude for that. Nothing in particular happened to change that. I just busied myself with other things and the haze of apathy disappeared. It often works that way. Not always but often enough. Just move through it and whatever it is that’s going on passes.

You don’t need me to tell you that. Just enjoy the music.

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