Radio Quarantine -múm – Yesterday Was Dramatic – Today Is OK (2000)

Pronounced “miooyyuujm”, from Iceland…

What do you call this? Post-rock? Is that where I am these days? Am I post-rock? I don’t think so but it’s definitely apparent that despite my passion for rock & roll, and despite its vast array of manifestations sonically, it still doesn’t cover every mood and emotion that I need music and art to cover. There are still things that fall far outside its reach. That’s where all this other stuff comes in, I suppose.

Múm is just another way to scratch that itch. It’s not ambient by any stretch of the word. It’s… quietly busy with very defined compositions. It’s not what you would call improvisational though it’s ponderous enough that it could be confused as such. It is, as I said, quietly busy.

Quietly busy is pretty much how I described my brain activity yesterday, or the day before. Who remembers what day it was? Not quite focused and a lot of topics and issues vying for attention. None of them are getting their way. They might all be soothed with movement. It could all just be cabin fever. It could be a lot of things. It is probably a desire to shut out the world where there are just too many things happening to even want to address any of them. These are troubled times out there and it’s growing increasingly difficult to keep the imps of reality from sneaking into my room at night and jabbing at me. It’s fucking exhausting.

I need peace. I need to find peace.

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