Radio Quarantine -Comrad – Periods Of Excitement (1988)

Every so often if you keep an open mind and you’re willing to open up random links, you’re going to find something you’ve never heard before. That’s Comrad, a German act from the late 80s. Google searches turn up a lot of conflicting information and groups with identical names and no connections, so let’s just leave it with the music. It’s post-punk, dance, dark psychedelia… Joy Division meets Devo meets the Buzzcocks meets Ministry, and a lot of other shit mixed in without actually sounding enough like any of them to make a comparison. Comrad is one of a kind.

I’m running on fumes this morning so there will be no long-winded, navel-gazing, bullshit from me. Not enough sleep and way too much caffeine and just enough anxiety to make me want to jump out the window and run down the street. That’s where things are. Nothing that can’t be solved with a few more hours sleep, but we’ll see. I’d like to get outside today at some point.

At some point.

For now I’m going back to sleep. Later on I’ll write a masterpiece and take a walk.

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