Radio Quarantine – Zrní – Voní (2009)

It may have developed in reverse, this day. Czech band Zrní might have brought the more appropriate vibe to start the morning today. No regrets. The day went just fine. All the normal fuckery and weirdness of any other day, with a lot of bright moments and that is after all the anatomy of most days if we’re to be honest. But regarding Zrni, weighed against the music playing this morning though, well, listen for yourself.

I am really enjoying this album tonight, now on the second time all the way through. It’s so fresh and different. Do they sound like anyone else, for a point of reference? Not at all. They’re their own mood and you’re going to love it or not. Count me in that first camp.

It was a singularly unproductive day except for that walk I mentioned this morning. Walks are always productive. They’re part of self-care. They’re part of staying mentally and physically fit. I’m a bit out of shape on both counts but working on it. Took some nice photos today. A couple new giant murals over in the West Village. There’s some incredible stuff going on out there in the street art and graffiti worlds. It’s bound to slow down some now with things opening up but a few building and business owners have caught on to the trend and licensed their exterior walls out. Someone is going to hit them anyway so if you can steer towards a real artist the results are generally much better. The dullard mayor and the NYPD have opened up a campaign to nullify the street art renaissance of the last 12 months. They are going to hang onto their failed and racist broken windows policies until the people finally organize enough to shut them down. Sure, Mayor Dullard Blah-Say-Oh got rid of the deadly stop and frisk stuff, but he’s sat on his duff on any progressive change in policy since. Anyway, I didn’t want this to be a tangent. My point was that the pursuit of street art and culture has kept me sane. These nearly daily entries and the music and film exploration have taken care of the rest.

A friend suggested recently that I get back on a dating app as my history of romantic encounters may well be described as a series of tragic missteps… not my words but there might be some truth there. Anyway, it’s not that I’ve given it no thought but what do I say if I want to stick with the truth?

Enjoys walking endlessly to nowhere in particular with occasional stops to stare for a while at walls.

Bonus if you enjoy incredibly arcane and dissonant music.

Looking for fellow misanthrope who enjoys blistering critiques of post-capitalism, neo-liberals and commodity fetishism.

And so on…

I mean, it’s about authenticity, right? But the point is, I’m not particularly lonely and meeting women isn’t exactly a problem, surprisingly. I’m not even sure why I’m carrying on about this but these posts have always come together organically even if come together isn’t exactly what they do. The sprout like mushrooms. But no, meeting women is not an issue. Meeting one that gets why a person would want to walk 15 miles or more on a Saturday is another story. Meeting one who is content not filling every bit of silence with chatter… and so on. I’m fine. Leave me alone.

Ha! I kill me. Really, I will laugh to death before whatever this affliction is kills me. I hope there is cool music on when the paramedics break down the door.

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