Radio Quarantine -Scars – Author! Author! (1981)

It seems sometimes that there are no US or UK bands from the 70s and 80s that haven’t ended up on my playlist at some point over the decades. That’s nonsense of course and SCARS of such. There’s plenty of documentation online showing they weren’t just a flash, or a one-hit wonder. They were technically a no-hit wonder but made enough of an impression that a few years back The Guardian called them “the last great lost band.” You can decide for yourself but it seems to me that had they been in the right place at the right time this wouldn’t be my first time hearing them. Even a video on MTV’s 120 Minutes maybe, at some point after midnight. A lot goes into a band “making it” though so sometimes it’s probably easier if they go out and get straight jobs.

Where was I in 1981? Still straddling that musical line between the old hippie days and punk/post-punk really. Neil Young probably spent as much time on my turntable as The Clash or The Ramones. Just being honest. I didn’t even know anyone who listened solely to punk. There were a good handful who had tossed the old scenes aside and they were one of my concentric circles. Still… It doesn’t matter anyway. It seemed to matter back then, but what do you want from a bunch of stoned teenagers? Hell, even Joe Strummer had a long hippie stage.

Probably best to make some plans for this day before the jitters set in though. I’ll come back to this later. It bears repeated listening.

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