The most fucked up thing I found on the internet today.

I should do a daily feature of the most fucked up thing I find for any given 24 hour period. This one had stiff competition from a Dutch post-punk band that started off sounding fine but I quickly realized they were just shitty Nazi fetishists from the 80s. That’s the problem with the YouTube algorithm. I listened to one Neo-folk act last week and now my recommendations are filled with creeps. Anyway, racists are a mess for sure, but there are so many of them that it negates the weird factor. They are pedestrian and boring unless you have the opportunity to punch one, and then it’s great fun.

No, this gets the nod today just because it’s so weird and I still haven’t turned it off yet after an hour. I’m reaching my limits though. It’s a mix from the ambient noise from a Japanese anime series called Serial Experiments Lain, which is twenty years old and still has a cult following. What this amounts to is a 12 hour, 60Hz ground hum, similar to what you would hear if you were sitting beneath high tension wires for a period of time. My initial reaction, and what has stuck is a question.


Well, like any other why question, why the fuck not? Opposite side of the same coin.

It is simply fucking weird though. It’s fucked up, and that’s why it’s here right now. That’s why it got placed here instead of 80s Goth Dorks using the n-word and talking about being the master race.

Okay, I’ve got to take this off now. It’s probably giving me a brain tumor as I sit here.

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