Radio Quarantine -Monica’s Interval – Monica’s Interval (1987)

Another visitor from the 80s here, but this one homegrown. MONICA’S INTERVAL is from Chicago and it’s not too much of a stretch that they’ve been tagged as Goth, but it’s certainly got a harder edge than a lot of bands under the shade of that umbrella. I guess Goth is a pretty broad description. It was in the 80s and it’s more so now. The image that always comes to my head though upon hearing the word is snotty little art students dipping into Bela Lugosi theatrics until it’s time to graduate. That may or may not have been the case with Monica’s Interval. It’s not for me to say anyway, though it wouldn’t be unfair to say that’s how it was here in New York City. The Goth kids were snotty, affecting-disaffected middle class kids in makeup, eye-rolling and pissy. But all that said, I like this album a lot. Whoever these guys are, and I was unfamiliar with them until now, they made a killer album.

Tracks form this one (from 1987) and another EP were re-released. You can get their bandcamp link above, and to their credit, they haven’t tagged their page as Goth. Good for them. I like that they called it alternative because in 1987 alternative wasn’t a style. It just meant shit that you weren’t likely to hear on the local radio stations. It was an alternative to that and you had to find the odd college station down on the left end of the dial with some student DJs who weren’t complete doucheballs.

No comparable bands to offer you. Sometimes you just have to take the risk and click. I’m not asking for your credit card info.

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