Radio Quarantine -THE DRIN – Engines Sing for the Pale Moon (2021)

Back to the future. Back to now, with a late March, 2021 release from THE DRIN. Engines Sing for the Pale Moon is sort of experimental, industrial, dub psychedelia. The vibe/style spans a few decades in a very 2021 mix. Totally works for me.

I hear a new/current band like this and it makes me realize how much I miss going out to see live music. I wasn’t doing enough of the pre-pandemic and certainly the world shutting down last year didn’t help matters at all. It makes me think though, just when the last time was that I was turned onto a new band from coming upon a live show by accident. Most of my new “discoveries” have come from the internet for a long time now. I don’t even remember the last time I went out to see live music and heard a new band and came home and immediately bought an their album.

This is one that i would have picked up at earliest possible convenience. This was a limited cassette release and while it’s still possible to download it would be great to have the CD. Yah, it’s that good. I want to own it and be able to touch it. For all the new music I’ve heard in the last year, it’s rare that I hear something and want to own it right away. I’m definitely going to go back through Radio Quarantine and go on a shopping spree, but I want this one now. The only reason I held off on a bunch of others is I had this weird psychic crisis last year about being too old to be hoarding more possessions. Weird but true, or the feeling is true, whether it makes sense or not.

Coming up now on 14 months of working from home after the initial lockdown, and almost a year to the day from total acceptance of it and battening down the hatches to do the pandemic the “right” way. That Is, I stopped stressing about it and built new routines and habits to come through. The result is that it’s been one of the most peaceful times of my life even with the rest of the world in chaos. I stripped down and just stuck to things I love… with music and film being at the center of that new focus. Just thought it important to note that milestone day when I let go.

Let go or be dragged is one of the most important disciplines to practice and to pass on. Center yourself on what you love and what enriches you spiritually, emotionally and intellectually. Eat a good diet, drink lots of water and don’t sweat anything beyond that.

Music, literature, art film… self care.

But this isn’t really supposed to be about me. It’s just a reflection of how finding little treasures like The Drin levels me.

Enjoy (I hope.)

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