Radio Quarantine – AMUSEMENT MACHINE – MANIPULATIONS (May 11, 2021)

Another to be released this week on Filmmaker’s Body Musick label. Their words, which again, do a lot more to explain what this is about than I could:

“Inspired by trauma, ecstasy, and Oakland’s decaying industrial landscapes, Amusement Machine creates haunting, vocal-led club tracks to reflect on—and heal from—an unforgiving world. Polyphonic synths, throbbing bass lines, and MS-20 filters in overdrive are her salve in her premier LP, Manipulations.

Body is humbled to welcome Amusement Machine who had a very unique start with her self-released ‘Emulator” EP which caught the label’s attention by this obscure coldwave vibes. For this album she developed a techno mist that subtly pounds with spectral drones, percs, and vocals into a pitch dark space and at the same time, into a heavy emotional confinement.”

It’s… funny… funny??? now to find music that so closely parallels images that my eyes are drawn to. Music that reflects experience. I’m processing the right words here and they’re not really coming. It’s just interesting that my brain and emotions respond the same way to certain things regardless of the artistic medium employed. AMUSEMENT MACHINE has always been inside my head.

Rain curtailed a lot of movement today but since we’ve been back to five day work weeks my Saturdays have been a lot more about decompression. Movement has often been pushed back to Sunday again. My Sundays used to be very active, which made for clumsy Mondays… and so on.

There’s no shortage of distraction and amusement though. My bed is comfortable enough.

I’m… okay.

I’m okay.

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