Radio Quarantine -She Her Her Hers – stereochrome (2014)

Not getting ahead of the pronoun thing, or maybe they were. Just running on the shoegaze, dreampop thing with SHE HER HER HERS, from Japan. It’s what vibed this morning. I never know specifically what it’s going to be, but today it was this album. There isn’t a lot of information about them online. They’ve been around for a spell. This appears to be their first release.

Yes, the artwork drew me in. It’s often the deciding factor behind what I want to hear. There are disappointments sometimes, for sure, but not this time.

Another week down, if you don’t include the work hours ahead. I don’t. Getting started each day is the only difficult part. That’s as simple as swinging the legs off the side of the bed and putting the feet on the floor.


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