Radio Quarantine -Vidulgi OoyoO – Aero (2008)

Shoegazing in Seoul… This one has been… moving… moving me, since yesterday afternoon. The name Vidulgi OoyoO means, quite literally, Pigeon Milk. No clue if there is any cultural significance in that. Is it a thing? No idea. I’m just hear for the music.

All music sounds better at high volume. Don’t bother arguing with me about that. The rule applies to shoegaze even move. Volume opens up nuance and textures and depth. And you can get it with headphones to an extent but cranking it up in an open room gets the air moving and the experience deepens with that. Aero is good at low to medium volume. It becomes a great album at high volume. Again, don’t bother arguing. I’m not listening. I’m not interested.

Anyway… cruising around Seoul.

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