Radio Quarantine -The Sound Defects – The Iron Horse (2008)

Fascinating sounds. It’s like the soundtrack to a biker movie that’s still praying to the gods of film and highways to be made. THE SOUND EFFECTS is apparently a one man studio project created by an IT guy from Indianapolis in his spare time. There must be a lot more than programming and coding going on inside his head. This album is incredibly good, kind of a mix of hiphop, funk, jazz and biker movie vibes. It’s actually pretty much exactly what you might expect from the cover art. Too cool. Way too cool.

The rain still hasn’t really let up enough to go anywhere so it’s just been music and Netflix for the second straight day now. It makes me antsy but at the same time it’s not like there’s anywhere to go. The celebration of the beginning of summer got rained out. That’s just the way it goes. It’s actually blissfully quiet outside. Not too many cars out on the parkway. Just the occasional douche-popper on the offramp. Very little foot traffic outside. Kind of reminiscent of the beginning of the lockdown last year. So yah it’s kind of annoying being trapped inside but then there’s this album and you just settle into the vibe and accept that shit is what it is, and it’s smooth from there. It is what it is. So that’s that.

I’m going to throw in the track list just so you can have an idea of what’s going on with this:

[00:00:00] 01. Theme From The Iron Horse

[00:04:32] 02. Angels

[00:09:35] 03. Johnny Law

[00:12:01] 04. Poppin’ Wheelies

[00:14:01] 05. War

[00:18:27] 06. Oh My

[00:19:51] 07. You’re Mine

[00:21:25] 08. Take Out

[00:26:10] 09. Dreaming About Dreams

[00:27:25] 10. Da Da Da

[00:29:16] 11. The Fuzz

[00:33:12] 12. Jean Jacket John

[00:34:24] 13. Ain’t Right

[00:37:52] 14. Plan B

[00:39:44] 15. Peace

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