Radio Quarantine -things falling apart – blind hammer, i miss you like nails (2016)

You already know that I clicked on this because of the cover photo. That’s a given. Could you scroll past and not at least check it out? That’s just not me. The image and then the title of the album… okay then.

So… post-rock. Do the bands choose how they’re categorized? Ever? I’m not sure. Sticking to the music, it’s an odd mix of vaguely familiar pop tunes building up into harder… ah fuck it. There isn’t much to say about the music. It’s rock. It’s post-rock. It’s the mood for right now.

Frankly, the cover image says more to me than the music itself. That’s not an indictment of the songs. Not at all. It’s really more about where my head it at for the moment. It’s often more about images than music. It’s just that kind of day. Let’s leave it here with this album. It’s definitely worth the listen.

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