Pandemic Radio – Moderator – Midnight Madness (2021)

Dateline: Athens, Greece, March 2021

Downtempo, popcorn noir from MODERATOR, this is like if your one friend with the crazy record collection put together the coolest mixtape you’d ever heard. It’s like music curated for a stripclub on the edge of time. Total magic. I can’t even place most of the samples. Total insanity.

I’ve been saying recently that I have nothing to say and nothing to add to random music selections. That’s not exactly true. A more accurate claim would be that there is just too much going on to process anything coherent and cohesive. It’s not exactly like I’ve said fuck it and given up. Surrender doesn’t happen that easily. It’s more… well, who knows what it’s more of? Whole heapa tings a gwan, as I’ve heard said. Great things. Terrible things. In between things. It’s hard to say what merits the time so I’ve decided to stay mostly silent. I’ve stepped to the sidelines until I can decide how best to engage in it. I’m quietly watching. Semi-quietly.

It will come. It always does.

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