Pandemic Radio: Moderator – Sinner’s Syndrome (2018)

Still in Athens and digging deeper in this MODERATOR phenomenon. Definitely digging the popcorn noir vibe over the downtempo, hiphop beats. It’s definitely more the former than the latter, but the latter remains… if not as much as it’s been labeled. I’m not trying too hard to classify it. You can listen at no cost and decide where you stand on all that, and decide if it’s worth your time and/or money. I’m giving it a thumbs up.

It’s strange to wake up in the morning now 18 months into this and act like things are better than they were six months in. We’re not compelled to believe they are actually are better! That’s not what I’m saying. It’s just this mix of wanting things to be better and watching a lot of people acting like things are better, and this weird tightrope walk of feeing safely vaccinated… and wondering exactly how safe.

And of course watching people in some states dying in record numbers. There is less hype in the media but some states’ healthcare systems are overwhelmed at the moment. Think about that. It’s entire states. What happens when an even more deadly virus comes down the pike. We’re still not prepared. Many people aren’t even committed to being prepared.

So why wake up and feel or act when we’re still kind of… fucked.

And this is all said with a degree of humor. It’s very dark humor but still, we are fucked. I’m giving this all to The Universe. I hit acceptance ages ago. We were never less than “very much at risk.” Now it’s clear that it was always worse than even I believed.

And that’s my doomsday shit for the morning.

There’s so much more to say on all this. Maybe not today though.

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